Senior Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering

Lake Mary, Florida, United States · TE2, The Experience Engine


TE2, The Experience Engine, is a subsidiary of accesso Technology Group. The TE2 platform provides consumer facing enterprises an engine to drive personalization, recommendations and commerce for the physical world, in real-time. We believe every consumer facing business with physical locations will benefit from a machine-learning based platform that provides deep insights and recommendations for how consumers interact and ultimately spend with global brands.

Position Overview:

This role stands at the crossroads of every team within the TE2 organization. The mission is to build and operate a large, distributed, complex, and fault-tolerant system. This means you will need to ingest the working principles of TE2's Experience Platform to better understand how every microservice interacts with infrastructure and anticipate their short/long-term needs. You will build infrastructure to support new services and features in the platform, optimize existing systems to perform more reliably and scale better, and use automation to eliminate manual work. You will also help us proactively identify potential outages, help us improve our reliability through blameless postmortems, and react to incidents as they occur.

Your objective is to essentially "make things scale" from all angles which includes: building software that automates turning on experiences all over the world, developing utilities that provide insights/metrics, providing instrumentation for the Engineering teams to more efficiently scale up the platform's performance, etc.

Some of what you will be working on:

Create strong relationships; Work closely with Professional Services and Product Delivery to build strong relationships with client stakeholders and third-party partners in order to meet commitments, solve problems, manage expectations and expand opportunities and revenue within each assigned client account.

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