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San Diego, California, United States · TE2, The Experience Engine · UX-1


TE2, The Experience Engine, is a subsidiary of accesso Technology Group. The TE2 platform provides consumer facing enterprises an engine to drive personalization, recommendations and commerce for the physical world, in real-time. We believe every consumer facing business with physical locations will benefit from a machine-learning based platform that provides deep insights and recommendations for how consumers interact and ultimately spend with global brands.

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As a UX Designer, you will focus on the UX design for our Control Room interface. Control Room is the single interface our customer's use for designing, managing and analyzing experience management campaigns. Within the Control Room module, our customers get a real-time glimpse of in-venue activity and define criteria for content targeting using customer attributes, behavior, location and time of day. Control Room is also used to update map content, events, schedules, and menus.

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