Junior Technologist Intern

Lake Mary, Florida, United States · TE2, The Experience Engine


TE2, The Experience Engine, a division of accesso, provides consumer-facing enterprises an engine to drive personalization, recommendations and commerce for the physical world, in real-time. We believe every consumer facing business with physical locations will benefit from a machine-learning based platform that provides deep insights and recommendations for how consumers interact and ultimately spend with global brands.

Position Overview:

One of the centerpieces of the TE2 platform is the Live, Branded Map (LBM). An LBM is a visually appealing, thematic map of a venue (Theme Park, Stadium, Hotel, Cruise Ship, etc.) that has accurate geolocation data (latitudes and longitudes) so that consumers can accurately explore a venue map from a mobile app. The live Branded Map provides consumers with wayfinding and other valuable information, and enables them to search, browse, and filter points of interest (POIs) within a venue. For example, a point of interest could be a restaurant, pool, gym, parking lot, bar, etc.

In the role as Junior Technologist, you will source venue content and POI data (Point of Interest) for our theme park and hospitality customers. You will work closely with Software and QA Engineers.

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